Clash of Magic S1 Server Upgrade (v.9.105)

A popular question about our server, when will the update come out ?! It’s done and the magic needs to be returned. The highest-quality private server for Clash of Clans has been updated. Our server has got really cool innovations that we want to boast of. Many were waiting for the update of our servers, but we did not specifically delay the release of the client. We rewrote each line of our server so that it worked stably and did not crash. I think you’ve already tried many servers that are very bad at supporting the night village. Therefore, we could not release a bad product, like everyone else. Our server code will allow us to customize our server, as we please. By the way, our servers are divided into the regular version and the modified one. Clash of lights S1 refers to servers with a mod that contain a large number of heroes and additional buildings.Image result for Clash of Lights


The new village in Clash of Clans brought a lot of problems to create a private server. All because every our client would be fixated in one village and not in the mood for another. But this is really an update that gave a second wind to the game. And we need to modernize the builder’s village for you to differ from the original version of the game. Clash of Magic S1 is updated to the version with a night village and adds some zest. You will be able to upgrade to level 8 of the Builder’s House. This level is not yet available in the original Clash of Clans. However, I want to note, we did not touch anything there. This update was just hidden from all players, and we unlocked this opportunity.


Advantages of the server Clash of Magic S 9.105


  • Village builder
  • 8 levels: The House of the Steward
  • 30 levels: Combat Vehicle
  • New character: Seper PEKKA
  • New character: Skeletonbladder
  • New Character: Night Witch
  • New Character: Carriage with a Cannon
  • The main village
  • 22 different heroes
  • 37 protective structures (including those from the village of the builder)
  • All kinds of obstacles
  • Mine with crystals